Kisla R&D : Maxim Shklyar
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          Internet Research and Development
          Business IT Solutions
          Online Business Systems
          Systems Integration
          IT Consulting
          Software Solutions
          Internet Systems Design and Analysis
          Development Leader

Highly professional internet researcher and developer, experienced in every aspect of Business and Internet application development.
Highly experienced Senior Internet Applications Analyst / Architect

     MEI degree (Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation) from Swinburne University of Technology (2003)
     BSc degree in Computer Science (1997)

Experience and background includes:
     Created more than 50 highly technological commercial projects
     10 years in IT Research and Development development using various technologies, specialising in Internet Solutions;
     6 years as a freelance internet consultant, running own consulting company;
     2 years in senior development management positions;
     Building large-scale internet applications
     Highly experienced in internet technologies evaluation, analysis, comparison and selection;
     Worked within different environments, various companies and clients (from start-ups to multinational corporations)
     Established working standards, development rules and techniques;
     Recruitment, training and managing development teams
     Worked directly with customers worldwide
     Been involved in business operations of start-up companies
     Experienced with Marketing and Business Strategy

Highest learning and adaptation skills.
Ability to work under pressure and find solutions quickly and most effectively.

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